Frequently Asked Questions

How flexible is it? Can I bend it on the job?

Flexibility depends upon the size of the moulding and the direction it is being bent. Moulding that is bent in the direction of the lesser dimension (such as base moulding on a curved wall) or small dimensionally square moulding (such as quarter round and base shoe) are very flexible. These can be ordered straight and bent on the job.

Flexible Base moulding example flexible Base Shoe example
Flexible Casing example Flexible Crown moulding example

With ZzzFlex moulding many of the projects that were previously unthinkable are now possible. Althought very flexible and strong, even ZzzFlex has its limitations so please keep the following in mind:

Moulding that is bending in the direction of the larger dimension (IE casing on an arch top window and crown) usually requires pre-curving to the approximate radius of the arch for the best possible fit and finish. Even though pre-curved, the material remains flexible and will "flex to fit" minor variations.

Pre-curving to a specified radius does not add any additional cost or time to the order.

The minimum radius attainable depends upon the thickness of the moulding and the direction that it is bending. The minimum recommended radius for a 3/4" thick moulding (when bending in the direction of the 3/4" dimension) is 4 inches. Flexible trim should not be used on bullnosed corners with a radius of less than 4 inches.

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Can I machine it?

It is possible to machine shape flexible moldings. When machining flexible molding the material must be securely held to the fence, guide or holder especially at the beginning of the cut, when the material first enters the machine cutter. Always make several small incremental cuts rather than one large one.

Machining of stain grade material will remove the grain texture from the cut surface.

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Can I use it outside?

YES! Flexible mouldings are not affected by salt, moisture, heat or extreme cold. Many builders and homeowners have selected to replace even straight exterior moldings with flexible mouldings because of their durability in even the harshest environments.

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What is it made out of?

Flex Trim®

Flex Trim is a unique polymer blend developed by Flex Trim Industries specifically for the manufacture of flexible moldings for the construction trade. It is unlike any other product in composition and should not be confused with other less expensive "knock offs". Our most recent improvements to Flex Trim make it stronger, more durable and greatly improve its stain ability.


ZzzFLEX is the state of the art in flexible molding technology. No other flexible molding is stronger, more durable or stains up better than ZzzFLEX. ZzzFLEX is an elastomer composite developed for the most demanding applications. Use ZzzFLEX for small intricate patterns and tight curvatures or when only the best will do.

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Can I get matching straight moulding?

Due to the cost of shipping lengths of straight moulding, we do not offer matching straight wood moulding. However with over 7000 styles of moulding available, we are certain to have a match to a locally available wood moulding that will meet your needs.

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How long does it take to get?

Contrary to popular belief, flexible moulding is not an extrusion process done with machines. Flexible moulding is a labor intensive, "hand made" process requiring time and attention to detail. Although some items are made and stocked, most orders ship in 7-10 days plus time in transit. In-Stock items usually ship the next day. In-Stock items will be indicated by a green box sorrounding the item.

You can view a list of "In-Stock" items by selecting the"Show in-stock items only" check box on the Flex Trim product page.


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Do I need a template(and if so how do I make it and where do I send it)?

Most orders do not require templates. Templates are only required for compound curves such as elliptical arches and ovals. Templates are NOT required for "eyebrow" arches. Send the template to the address indicated on the order form. See "Template Instructions" for more information.

How do I place an order?

Please see "How to Order" for complete ordering information

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How do I pay for it?

We accept Visa/Master Card/American Express and Discover cards. We also accept payment via check-in-advance. We DO NOT ship on account or COD

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Do you have a catalog?

We offer a printed catalog of our products upon request. Please contact us with your shipping information to receive a free catalog.

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If I don't see what I need, can you make it for me?

YES! We can custom tool virtually any moulding. Fax or email us a tracing of your moulding with the exact dimensions and we will return a quote for the set up and per foot cost. See our Contact page for our contact information.

Custom tooling requirements:

An unblemished 13 foot sample of the molding (or two 7 foot samples) to be tooled must be sent freight pre-paid. Molding samples cannot be returned. Stain grade parts cannot be made from paint grade samples.

Lead Time:

Typically shipped 10-15 days from receipt of wood sample.

Terms and Conditions:

Molding prices quoted are per lineal foot. All tooling charges are net and are not subject to discount. All amounts quoted are FOB origin and do not include freight charges. QUOTES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. All pricing is based on the size actual wood received.

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How does it ship? In a roll or straight in a tube?

Flexible moulding coiled in a box for shipping

Flex Trim and ZzzFlex mouldings typically ship coiled up in a box. Very large mouldings and very long lengths may be shipped on a pallet for easier handling.

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Where is my order?

You can check the status of your order anytime by clicking on the order status link and entering your invoice number and the email address that was used at the time the order was entered. After the order has shipped, the tracking numbers will automatically be sent to your email address.

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Item X and item Y look the same. What am I missing?

There are some "duplicate" styles on the web site that have different item numbers. Some are exactly the same but have different item numbers and prices. This is because over the years as new items are added some times a duplicate is created. We have also deliberately added duplicates with different part numbers that match the part numbers of regionally available wood moulding.

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Do you have a local supplier in my area?

We are an "Internet only" distributor of flexible mouldings and as such, do not have a physical sales office or showroom to visit.

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Do you have a show room that I can visit?

We are an "Internet only" distributor of flexible mouldings and as such, do not have a physical sales office or showroom to visit.

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How can I tell if your flexible moulding matches my wood?

Browse through the moulding catalog. When you see something that looks like a match, just click the item's picture to view it at full scale (requires Adobe Flash which is already installed on most computers), put your moulding up to the screen and see if it matches. On the first use you will be required to go through a simple 2 step setup process.

You can also select items for side by side comparison by clicking the . After selecting the items to compare, click the "compare items" link in the upper left corner of the catalog page.


Most mouldings on the site have corresponding full scale drawings that can be printed by clicking the PRINT print button.

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How much is shipping?

Shipping is typically via UPS Ground (unless otherwise selected) and averages about $10.00 or 10% of the order (whichever is larger). To find out exactly how much shipping is as well as the cost of a complete order, simply create an order. The charge card information is the last thing you are asked for and the order can be aborted before any charge card information is entered.

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Do you have flexible moulding "in-stock"?

YES, many of the more common mouldings are in-stock and ship in 1 to 2 business days. Items that are not in-stock usually ship within 7-10 days. In stock items will be sorrounded by a green box. You can also choose to view all in-stock items from the Flex Trim catalog page by checking the "show IN STOCK ITEMs only" box.

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What lengths are available?

Paint Grade mouldings for most styles are available from 4 to 99 continuous feet. Stain grade mouldings are typically limited to 4 to 12 foot lengths. All mouldings are sold in whole foot lengths.

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Can I get a sample?

We are happy to provide "generic" samples free of charge. Samples of specific items are provided for a fee of $10.00 each which includes shipping. Samples are typically 12 to 18 inches long.

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Does it come in different colors?

Like wood moulding, flexible moulding is intended to be painted (or stained in the case of stainable grade). Material that is not painted or stained will darken over time.
Prior to painting (or staining) the material is an off white color.

Flex Trim Sample

Flex Trim

Zflex Sample


Do I need a template?

Probably not. Most orders can be completed by providing a few measurements. Ellipticals, ovals and other irregular curves will require a template.
See TEMPLATE INSTRUCTIONS for more on templates.