Searching the online catalog

Choosing a type of moulding from the catalog:

  • Clicking a category (ie: Base, Casing, Crown, Etc.) reveals an example of that category and displays options for viewing: ALL (the entire list of items) , the most popular items or only items that are in-stock.
  • Choose the option by clicking on it

Searching within a category:

  • Use the Next and Prevbuttons to move through the pages of the catalog
  • Click anywhere on the "Select Size" Bar to go to that size moulding.
  • All items are listed by size from smallest to largest.

Advanced Search:

The Advanced Search page can be reached by clicking the Search button. The Advanced Search page allows you to specify the moulding type, wood grain specie and size to be searched for.
  • To maximize your results, enter size ranges that are slightly larger and smaller than the moulding you are looking for.
  • Enter the numeric portion of the part number from your wood moulding into the "limit results to item numbers containing" box to help find possible matches to your wood moulding.
  • When looking for a special type of moulding such as Rope Moulding, you can enter the word "rope" into the "limit results to moulding descriptions containing" to bring up items with the word "rope" in the description.

Catalog page options:

  • Clicking on an item's picture will display the item at full scale. Click the print tool Print PDF in the viewing window to print a full scale picture.
  • Checking the compare box in the upper left corner of each item, will add the item to the compare list.
  • Click the comparelink at the upper right of the page to view all items in the compare list.
  • Click Order to start the ordering wizard for that item.
  • Changing the page number at the top or bottom of the page and clicking Next will advance you to that page number.